Batch Prepping
With some easy planning and preparation you can batch prep a week's worth of meals.

Curry Paste

This incredibly adaptable curry paste can be prepared in advance and will provide the base for a whole host of delicious mid-week meals — from salmon satays to a fresh lemongrass stir-fry — that can be quickly and easily prepared at the end of a busy day, giving you more free time to rest and relax with family and friends!

Homemade stock

Here’s the how-to for three simple Asian homemade stocks (veggie, fish and chicken) using fresh herbs and vegetables. A great way to use up leftover veg and whole spices — with no preservatives, no waste and no added salt. Guaranteed to add a new dimension to your homecooked dishes!
Eating healthily never felt so easy (or tasted so good!).

Cheat Freezes

The secret to quick and easy home cooking is to be prepared. Batch prep your garlic and ginger in advance — chop once and then freeze to use later, saving time and energy. These simple base ingredients will infuse your homemade dishes with a depth of flavour and richness that can’t be beaten (and will also impress your friends and family!).