Healthy Street Eats
Street food classics with a fresh wholesome vibe.


The Lion City’s status as a seaport with a large immigrant population has infused its cuisine with a variety and richness that gourmets love. Food is the thing that brings Singaporeans together, at home, on the street and in restaurants all over the city. Two classic street food favourites recreated with a nod to healthy living.


Strongly aromatic with a fiery edge, Thai food brings together disparate tastes and flavours, blending sweet and salty, spicy and sour in a harmonious whole that has to be tasted to be believed. Equally satisfying to the eye, the nose and the palate, Thai dishes are gloriously tempting — fresh, flavourful and fantastic!


Distinct and unforgettable, the cuisine of Vietnam is based on a complex balance of salty, sweet, sour and spicy flavours with contrasting textures and plenty of fresh herbs. Influenced by its French colonial past and neighbouring China, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, Vietnamese cuisine is an exciting fusion that boasts its own unique identity.