Light Bites
Quick and easy choices packed with fresh flavour.


Pickling vegetables preserves their nutrition and the fermentation process produces probiotic bacteria, which are great for improving your health in numerous ways, promising clearer skin, a boosted immune system and better gut health. Simply put, pickles are a great way to add a punch of flavour to your food and a healthy kick too!

Salad and Dressings

Always light, always fresh, always tasty, a great salad brings a host of health benefits to the table. Easy to make and loved by all the family, these nutrient-rich salads boast classic Asian flavours with a healthy twist, promising a flavour-packed dish to delight your taste buds!

Skewer and BBQ

Some simple preparation and a quick and easy way to cook makes for the perfect go-to meal when time is tight after a long day. Grilling or griddling cuts back on fat and preserves the nutrients in meat and vegetables, making it a healthy choice for all the family.