Swap Out Sugar
We all know about the evils of sugar. But cutting it out doesn't mean you have to compromise on taste.

Flavour with natural honey and palm sugar for healthier dishes.

Three classic recipes that ditch refined sugar and opt for natural honey and palm sugar. As healthier options, both honey and palm sugar boast a lower glycemic index (GI), slowly releasing energy into your bloodstream, keeping your energy levels stable throughout the day and promising a better, more peaceful night’s sleep!

Natural homemade treats free from hidden sugars and preservatives.

Sweet and tasty snacks to boost your energy in an all-natural way that lasts all day. Making your own snacks means you can eliminate hidden sugars and preservatives and opt for healthier ingredients such as honey, fruit juices and high protein peanut butter, which taste even better — and are good for you too (you can even have a second helping!)

Fruit juices add a fresh touch of natural sweetness.

Refined sugar can play havoc with a healthy diet. Using natural sugars such as honey and fruit juices to flavour your food is a smart and simple way to create tasty dishes in a hurry. These three savoury dishes are quick and easy to prepare and packed with the sweet nutrition of fresh fruit.