Meal Planning / Banh Mi

Leftover Banh Mi Larb

Serves 2


200g leftover Banh Mi mix

1 baby gem lettuce

3-4 Thai shallots

handful of Thai sweet basil

1 tsp fried garlic

1 large red chilli


Slice the base of the gem lettuce and separate out the leaves. Finely chop the shallots and finely slice the red chilli into matchsticks. Pick the leaves of Thai sweet basil ready for later.

Setup your Wok Clock on a round plate: Thai shallots at 12 O’clock, followed by a bowl of the Banh Mi mix, the Thai sweet basil and lastly the red chilli and fried garlic.


Following the wok clock order of ingredients, stir-fry the larb. High heat, with 1-2 tsp oil for the whole stir fry, first add your shallots and stir-fry for 30 seconds, quickly followed by the meat. Once the meat is in the wok, sear well and push and chop into the meat with a spatula or spoon to start to separate it out. This cooking process should all be on high heat, with constant movement of the meat to separate out and should take 2-3 minutes of cooking. Once the meat is fully cooked it should change colour to more of a greyish brown, at this point, add a healthy handful of Thai sweet basil to the stir-fry and fold in.

To serve: with the lettuce leaves on the side, and garnish with the red chilli and fried garlic.