AIA Group

Looking to the future

Looking to the future

The AIA Group's future is built on 90 years of strength. Strong Asian roots provide AIA with the experience, in-depth understanding of local markets and trends as well as regional connections to serve customers' needs for the future. Through the economic, social and political changes over the past 90 years, AIA has emerged stronger and nimbler.

AIA's commitment to the region has remained undiminished through the economic upheaval beginning in late 2008. Despite the difficult economic environment, AIA has a solid track record. Our ability to weather the economic storm demonstrates the strength of our operations, confidence of our customers, and support of our distribution partners.

AIA remains committed to its growth strategies and is building future success through investing in strategic projects. The company is also broadening its distribution to create a multi-channel system through which customers can access its services. This will enable the company to generate long term value and deliver improved levels of service.

AIA has thrived and grown with Asia. Now the company has the opportunity to grow even further through continuing to meet customers' needs and developing financial solutions that respond to today's world.