AIA Group

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the AIG results affect AIA companies?


AIG is positioning the AIA Group as a distinct operation. The March 2, 2009 announcement provides clarity for policyholders, staff, agents and all other stakeholders.

The AIA Group has strong fundamentals. The insurance business assets of the AIA Group are subject to stringent regulatory requirements that provide for their protection for the purpose of meeting insurance liabilities.

How can I be sure that AIA is financially sound?


The AIA Group has strong fundamentals - significant regulatory capital, geographic coverage, size and deep understanding of customers - and has consistently demonstrated resilience, robustness and stability.

  • AIA's combined solvency ratio is in excess of 200% of statutory requirements.
  • AIA has total assets of over US$60 billion.
  • AIA has over 250,000 agents and 20,000 employees to serve its customers.
  • AIA has a large base of over 20 million customers.
  • AIA serves 120,000 corporate customers covering over 10 million participating members for group life, medical coverage and pension.
  • With over 1,120 customer service centers and agency offices, AIA is easily accessible to its customers.
  • AIA is active in reaching customers through banks. Currently, AIA has over 130 bancassurance relationships with leading foreign and local banks.

*All figures quoted above are as at November 30, 2008.

Is my policy safe?


Yes. Insurance policies written by AIA companies are direct obligations of the respective AIA Group company, which are regulated insurance companies in the Asia Pacific region.

AIA operates under a rigorous regulatory environment, and we are working closely with our regulators to continue to meet their requirements in order to ensure the interests of policyholders are protected.