AIA Group


Our Markets

AIA has one of the most extensive networks of any life insurer in the Asia Pacific region, built on 90 years of operations in this dynamic region. Our strong Asian roots also provide an in-depth understanding of local markets customers' needs and trends. Our diversified geographic presence across Asia reduces country and market risks. As a result, AIA benefits from greater financial stability in developed markets as well as the growth potential of emerging markets.

AIA Australia Limited provides comprehensive, flexible life cover options that aim to protect the financial health and welfare of Australians. It combines extensive international experience with local expertise to offer some of the country's most innovative life cover options which have been recognised among the industry's best with various awards. AIA Australia currently provides life insurance solutions to over 10% of the Australian population.

AIA Australia takes pride in being a market leader with new technologies, innovation and service. AIA Australia's products and services are continually reviewed and frequently enhanced to ensure they meet the changing needs of the Australian population.