Super Salad / Go Nuts for Nuts



1 cucumber

¼ of small size green cabbage

1 cup of long beans

1 small aubergine

2 cups of bean sprouts

Thai basil

The dressing

150g unsalted peanuts, crushed

4 Thai shallots, sliced

½ thumb sized piece ginger

1 tbsp of red chili paste

5 garlic cloves

1 tsp shrimp paste (belachan)

1 tbsp tamarind concentrate

2 tbsp palm sugar

Pinch sea salt

1 fresh lime, juiced

Banana leaf for serving


Cut into quarters lengthwise. Cut off the entire strip of seeds. Then cut cucumber strips at a diagonal into ½ cm thick slices. Finely shred the cabbage and slice the aubergine. Cut the green beans into 2cm pieces and blanch in boiling water for 2–3minutes.

To prep the dressing, start by finely slicing the shallots and finely chopping the ginger and garlic. Mix them with the rest of the ingredients in a medium size bowl and combine well.


Combine vegetables with the dressing ingredients and place in a large serving bowl or on a plate with a banana leaf.