Super Salad / Go Nuts for Nuts

Kerabu Timun (Spicy Cucumber Salad)


25g dried shrimp

1 large cucumber

1 ripe mango

1 tsp salt

10 baby shallots

½ lime, juiced

Salt and sugar to season

1 tbsp Sambal Belacan


Peel cucumber with a vegetable peeler. Cut into quarters lengthwise. Cut off the entire strip of seeds. Then cut cucumber strips at a diagonal into ¼ cm thick slices. Mix cucumber with salt in a bowl for 20 minutes to draw out the juices. Rinse and drain.

Prepare mango into similar size pieces as the cucumber.

Soak dried shrimps in hot boiling water in a small bowl for 5 minutes. Drain and pound in a mortar and pestle until all shrimps are smashed. Set aside.


Place cucumber, mango, shallots, prepared dried shrimps, Sambal Belacan, salt, and sugar in a large bowl. Squeeze lime juice over the ingredients.

Transfer to a smaller bowl and serve immediately with steamed rice.