Super Salad / Cruciferous vegetables

Thai Sirloin Steak Salad


300 g beef sirloin

½ red onion

½ cucumber

8 cherry tomatoes

200g mixed salad leaves

Sea salt and pepper to taste

A handful of coriander leaves

1 tbsp unsalted toasted cashew nuts

Spring onion

The dressing

3 garlic cloves

3 bird’s eyes chillies

3 tbsp fish sauce

3 tbsp fresh lime juice

1 tbsp palm sugar


Finely slice the onion, cut the cucumber into quarters lengthwise. Then cut cucumber strips at a diagonal into ½ cm thick slices. Cut the tomatoes in half.

Prepare salad ingredients in a large bowl. Mix all the dressing ingredients in a separate bowl and adjust flavours as needed. Remembering to balance salty, sour, spicy and sweet.


Season the beef with salt and pepper. Add vegetable oil to a pan and allow the pan to reach the smoking point. Cook steak for 4–5 minutes on each side depending on the thickness of the meat. Allow the beef to rest for 4 minutes before slicing and serving on salad.

Mix all vegetables and dressing in a large mixing bowl. Top it up with the slices of steak and a generous lashing of the dressing.