AIA Healthier Together

23 September 2021 dot 10 mins read

AIA Healthier Together Survey - The Highlights

Eight ingredients of A Healthier, Longer, Better Life

Feel a sense of independence

Look for the positive things in everyday situations, not letting negative events of the past affect the present and finding enjoyment in work.

Be active and engaged

Be an active member of your wider community, remain socially active with friends and family, and remain physically and mentally active.


Focus on your own personal goals, look for ways to make work/tasks/chores more engaging, and see setbacks as learning opportunities.

Understand yourself and your emotions

Take time to understand what motivates you in life, understand what is important to you, and understand your limits, strengths, and weaknesses.

Feel a sense of independence

Feel confident identifying what is right for you, focus time and energy on things you can control, and be capable of improving your mental health.

Maintain quality relationships

Focus on giving people your full attention, be open and honest with others, and seek out like-minded people who share similar interests.

Make time to recharge

Create clear boundaries between work and personal time and find ways to recharge your energy levels.

Never stop learning or exploring

Explore new ideas and engage with new things, challenge your own thinking, and be open to change.