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We’re in the business of helping you live a healthier, longer, and better life. Get more out of life with AIA Vitality. Through challenges and rewards, get the support and motivation you need.

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AIA Vitality offers you increased financial protection with tangible health and wellness rewards.​ Partner with us today so you can confidently look forward to a healthier tomorrow.​

AIA Vitality is scientifically proven

of selected members* have moved to a healthier BMI range since joining
of members* have successfully achieved a healthy blood pressure level
of members* have returned to healthy cholesterol levels since joining
*This study focused on a cohort of selected members who have been in the AIA Vitality programme for at least two years but no longer than five years, and only those who have done health checks at least twice during his/her AIA Vitality membership duration in order to measure the improvement.

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We think it’s important to understand, measure, and improve workplace wellbeing.