AIA Investment Management HK Limited Important Informaton 友邦投資管理香港有限公司重要資料

AIA Investment Management HK Limited Important Informaton 友邦投資管理香港有限公司重要資料

Please read the following conditions carefully before accessing our website. It contains information on the distribution of the content on our website. Please click the “CONFIRM” button below to acknowledge that you have read and understood the information and agree to abide by its content, otherwise click “EXIT” to leave the website. In case of any discrepancy between the English version and Chinese version of this Statement, the English version shall prevail.

請在使用本網站前細心閱讀下列條款。以下條款包括本網站發行資料之内容。閣下閱讀條款後,請點擊以下“CONFIRM”按鈕表示閣下理解及同意遵守所有內容 ,否則點擊“EXIT” 離開本頁。如本聲明之英文和中文版本有任何不一致之處,當以英文版為準。


This website contains information relating to AIA Wealth Funds (“AIAWF”), an open-ended unit trust established under the laws of Hong Kong by a trust deed between AIA Company (Trustee) Limited as the Trustee and AIA Investment Management HK Limited (“AIMHK”) as the Manager. 

本網站集載跟AIA Wealth Funds (AIAWF)有關的資料。AIAWF乃根據香港法例按一份由AIA Company (Trustee) Limited為「受託人」與AIA Investment Management HK Limited(AIMHK)為「基金經理」所訂立的信託契據(「信託契據」)而成立為開放型單位信託基金。

Important Risk Disclosures 重要風險披露聲明

  • The AIAWF is structured as an umbrella unit trust and may consist of multiple sub-funds. Each sub-fund has a different investment objective and risk profile. Certain sub-funds (“funds of funds”) invest primarily in other collective investment schemes. Other sub-funds may invest directly in various investments, such as but not limited to equities, fixed income securities and financial derivative instruments. 
  • AIAWF成立為一項傘子基金,而該基金的投資分開為不同的附屬基金。每項附屬基金擁有不同的投資目標以及風險概況。其中之一項附屬基金是為「綜合基金」,主要投資於集體投資計劃。其餘之附屬基金可直接投資於各種投資項目包括但不限於股票固定收益證券及金融衍生工具。
  • Sub-funds investing in equity securities are subject to equity investment / market risks and currency risk.
  • 就投資於股本證券的附屬基金其投資附帶股票投資/市場風險以及貨幣風險。
  • Sub-funds investing in fixed income securities are subject to credit/counterparty risk, risks relating to interest rates, credit rating, downgrading, valuation, unlisted debt securities, liquidity, currency and sovereign debts.
  • 就投資於固定收益證券的附屬基金,其投資附帶信貸/交易對手風險以及利率、信貸評級、降級、估值、非上市債務證券、流通量、貨幣以及主權債務相關的特定風險。
  • Some sub-funds may be subject to the risk of investing in emerging markets. Some sub-funds have significant exposure to a certain country / region and therefore are subject to concentration risks.
  • 部分附屬基金可能附帶一般投資於新興市場的風險。部份附屬基金亦可能因某些國家/地區的風險而附帶重大集中風險。
  • Sub-funds with exposure to Mainland China are also subject to risks specific to the Mainland China market, including but not limited to risks relating to China Interbank Bond Market (CIBM) and/or Bond Connect.
  • 投資中國內地的附屬基金亦可能附帶中國內地市場特定風險,那些特定風險包括但不限於與直接投資中國銀行間債券市場(CIBM)或債券通(Bond Connect)有關之風險。
  • Some sub-funds may invest in exchange traded funds and may be subject to passive investment risks, trading error risks and termination risks of the relevant exchange traded fund.
  • 部分投資於交易所買賣基金(exchange traded fund)之附屬基金可能附帶被動型投資風險,錯誤交易風險或終止風險。
  • The above risk factors may also apply to the underlying collective investment schemes in which the funds of funds may invest, and so will indirectly apply to the funds of funds. Some funds of funds may be subject to risks related to debt securities below investment grade and risks related with collateralised and/or securitised products.
  • 以上的風險因素亦可適用於綜合基金所投資的集體投資計劃,因此綜合基金亦可間接地附帶那些風險因素。一些綜合基金相關投資可能涉及低於投資評級的債務證券的有關風險以及有關抵押或證券化信貸的特定風險。
  • The sub-funds may use financial derivative instruments for hedging and/or investment purposes and may be subject to hedging risks, counterparty / credit risk, risks relating to liquidity, valuation, volatility and over-the-counter transaction. Exposure to financial derivative instruments may lead to a high risk of significant loss by the relevant sub-fund.
  • 附屬基金可用金融衍生工具作對沖或投資用途並因此附帶對沖風險,交易對方/信貸風險或流通量、估值、市場波動以及場外交易相關風險。涉及金融衍生工具的投資可導致相關附屬基金承受損失重大風險。
  • Investment involves risk. Please refer to the Hong Kong offering documents of AIAWF for further details including the risk factors.
  • 投資涉及風險。有關詳情包括風險因素,請參閱AIAWF香港銷售文件。


The information published on this website is for information purposes only and does not construe an offer or solicitation by AIAWF or AIMHK to anyone accessing this website (hereinafter referred as “you”) to invest in AIAWF and does not constitute any investment advice by AIMHK to you. 



The information contained herein is issued by AIA Investment Management HK Limited (“AIMHK”). This website has not been reviewed by the Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”). 



This website may contain information relating to investment products and services offered in Hong Kong.  Some of these investment products may be collective investment schemes (“funds”) authorised by the SFC. SFC authorisation does not imply official recommendation or endorsement of a scheme nor does it guarantee the commercial merits of a scheme or its performance. It does not mean the scheme is suitable for all investors nor is it an endorsement of its suitability for any particular investor or class of investors. 



This website is intended for Hong Kong-based investors only. Non-Hong Kong based investors are responsible for observing all applicable laws and regulations of their relevant jurisdictions before accessing the information contained herein. It is your responsibility to be aware of and to observe all applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction. 



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若在任何司法管轄區內向任何人士派發本網站所載資料及意見,發售任何證券或金融工具乃不獲准許,則本網站所載資料及意見概不構成於該司法管轄區派發資料、發售或邀請認購任何證券或金融工具。本網站所載資料尤其不得用作構成在美利堅合眾國 ( 「美國」) 及向美國人士(即居住於美國的人士,或根據美國法例設立或組織的法團、合夥商行或其他單位)或為該等人士的利益而派發資料、發售或邀請認購任何證券或金融工具。準投資者有責任獲悉其本身司法管轄區法律下的法律及任何其他適用規定或限制。

A. Terms and conditions for use of this website使用本網站的條款及細則


By accessing this website, you represent and warrant that:
(a) you are a Hong Kong-based investor; and
(b) where you are not a Hong Kong-based investor the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction allow you to access the information on this website without imposing obligations on AIMHK.


(a)    閣下屬於香港投資者; 及

(b)    如果閣下屬於非香港投資者,閣下了解及遵守所有相關司法管轄區跟查閱本網站資料及意見有關的適用法例及規例,而不對AIMHK施加責任。


AIMHK and its affiliates do not represent that the information and materials on this website are appropriate for use in all jurisdictions or for all investors. If you are accessing this website outside Hong Kong, you are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws and regulations. 



The conditions for use of the website may be revised by AIMHK any time by amending this page. By accessing this website, you are deemed to consent to these conditions of use together with any subsequent updates or amendments. 


B. Limitation of Liability責任限制


The website has been prepared for the purpose of providing general information only without taking account of any particular investor's objectives, financial situation or needs and does not amount to an investment recommendation. You should, before making any investment decision, consider the appropriateness of the information on the website, and seek professional advice, having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs.  Any offer can only be made by the relevant offering documents (e.g. explanatory memorandum and the product key facts statement of AIAWF), together with the relevant subscription agreement, and accompanied by the AIAWF’s most recent audited annual report together with its interim report if published after the annual report and other documents as required by the relevant jurisdiction, all of which must be read and understood in their entirety, and only in jurisdictions where such an offer is in compliance with relevant laws and regulatory requirements and you are solely responsible for complying with such legal and regulatory requirements. 



AIMHK and/or its affiliates will not be liable to you for any decision made or action taken by you from reliance on any information on the website. 



In all cases, you should independently consider the information contained on this website and evaluate the suitability of the information. If in doubt of any information on this website, you should seek independent professional financial advice. 



The information contained on the website does not constitute financial, investment, legal, accounting, tax or other professional advice or a solicitation for investment in AIAWF nor does it constitute an offer or solicitation for sale of interests issued by funds that are managed or advised by AIMHK and/or its affiliates. Any offer can only be made by the relevant offering documents (eg. explanatory memorandum and the product key facts statement of AIAWF), together with the relevant subscription agreement, and accompanied by the AIAWF’s most recent audited annual report together with its interim report if published after the annual report and other documents as required by the relevant jurisdiction, all of which must be read and understood in their entirety, and only in jurisdictions where such an offer is in compliance with relevant laws and regulatory requirements. 



Past performance may not necessarily be indicative of future results. The value of AIAWF and the income from investing in AIAWF may go down as well as up, i.e., risk of loss or opportunity for gain. There is NO GUARANTEE that profits will be made and you may not get back the original amount invested. Figures may be taken from sources that are believed to be reliable but such figures should not be relied upon in making investment decisions. 



Information posted on this website is current only as at the date of posting and may no longer be accurate, complete or reliable when viewed by you. All information contained herein may be changed or amended without prior notice, and AIMHK and/or its affiliates do not undertake to update this website regularly. 



The commentaries and / or views expressed herein are the views of the writer at the time of issue and may change over time. You should not rely on and / or act on the information in these commentaries or views without seeking professional advice. 



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This website may provide links to other websites. These links are provided only for information purpose. AIMHK does not verify or endorse the accuracy of the information provided by or mentioned on such websites. Such websites may contain products and services that are not authorised in Hong Kong and not available to Hong Kong-based investors. You use such links entirely at your own risk. AIMHK therefore accepts no liability for their content or for the products, services or other offers available through them. 



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超連結至提供任何產品或服務的AIMHK附屬公司網站,僅供身處於某些司法管轄區或居住在某些司法管轄區的人士使用。 此類連結網站的內容不適合任何位於或居住在違反當地法律或法規的司法管轄區的人士瀏灠。

D. Data Protection資料私隱

  • Please refer to AIMHK’s Personal Data Privacy Statement (see link at the bottom of this webpage) for details. 
  • 請閱讀我們的個人資料隱私聲明(見本網頁底部的連結)。

E. Copyright 知識及其他產權權利

  • All copyright, patent, intellectual and other property rights in connection with the information contained on this website are owned by AIMHK and/or its affiliates. No rights of any kind are licensed, assigned or shall otherwise pass to persons accessing information as contained on this website. Under no circumstances should such information or any part of it be copied, reproduced, republished or redistributed in any manner without the prior written permission of AIMHK and/or its affiliates. 
  • 本網站所載資料的所有版權、商標、標誌、專利、知識及其他產權權利均專屬AIMHK或其附屬公司所有。任何形式的權利都不會被許可、轉讓或以其他方式傳遞給訪問本網站資訊的人士。在任何情況下,未經AIMHK發出書面許可,不得以任何方式複製、再版或轉發該等資料或其任何部分。

F. Governing Law 管轄法律 

  • The abovementioned conditions shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Hong Kong. 
  • 上述條款在各方面均受香港法律的規管。
  • You shall comply with all laws, rules and regulations by any governmental authority or agency which govern or apply to the operation and use of this website. 
  • 閣下應遵守適用於本網站營運和使用的任何政府機構的所有法律、規則和法規。

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