Slow your slurp
Take time to savour these delicious dishes to enjoy the health benefits!

Savour your Soups

Soups don’t have to be dull! With a rich flavourful base, a good soup can be the star of your meal, delicious and nutritious. Start with the basics. Slowly simmer a beautiful stock and build your soup from there. Home cooking means you can control every element and make your simple soup a colourful, flavourful and well balanced meal!

Love Your Gut (Noodle)

While the temptation with these delicious dishes is to eat them quickly, remind yourself to slow down and savour each mouthful. Take time to chew your food carefully—it’s better for your digestion too! Good health starts with your gut, so why not try your hand at creating these classic dishes with a healthy twist at home.

So much choice for breakfast

They say a good breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As a meal that should be eaten slowly and savoured for optimum health, a healthy breakfast will give you head start on the workday ahead. You’ll be brighter, sharper and more productive (and less tempted by unhealthy snacking)!