Cheat Days
Satisfy your craving with none of the bad stuff.

Homemade and Healthier

You can still enjoy your favourite foods. When you prepare them yourself, you can be sure that homemade is healthier without compromising on taste. Choose spelt flour or wholemeal bread to add fibre to your diet and swap out red meat for beautiful beans or oily fish, then pack your dishes with delicious herbs for extra flavour.

Bake It Instead

Cut out the fat and bake these classic dishes instead of traditional frying. Baking and roasting dishes on a high heat promises all the flavour and crunch without the unhealthy fats (or the unwelcome calories). Cooking these popular dishes yourself means you and your family can enjoy all of the flavour with none of the guilt!

Increase Vegetarian Intake

Dieticians agree that cutting back on red meat and upping our intake of fresh vegetables is good for our health (and that of the planet!). Skip the meat and pack your favourite dishes with delicious vegetables full of vitamins and minerals. High in fibre and good for digestion, veggies are a fantastic alternative in these popular dishes.