AIA One Billion Story

Amy Grant’s story

2024 dot 3-min read

Making healthier lifestyle choices for yourself and the family.

Amy Grant
Technical Business Quality Analyst, AIA Australia

Amy plays a lot of basketball but started to feel a little unfit while playing. Initially, her main goal was to boost her fitness and be able to get up and down the court a bit easier. She started to investigate and explore how she could earn more AIA Vitality Points and it's made Amy think more about her health.

Amy is very cardio active. She’s usually at the gym early on a cardio day to get it out of the way. Most days she is happy to aim to get 10,000 steps.

“If it's not a cardio day for me and I'm working from home, it can be a bit of a challenge to hit my target and if I've still got some steps to get in at the end of the day, I'll grab the kids and we'll head for a walk around the neighbourhood or walk up to the shops at lunch to keep moving. The AIA Vitality program definitely motivates me to get those extra steps in and I'm rewarded with those extra points.”

Amy also takes advantage of the health checks available through AIA Vitality, dental, optical, fitness assessments, and speaking to a dietitian. She explains that it’s helped her complete assessments she found she put off and put off, like breast and cervical screens – she found the program gave her the push to get those done.

Through the assessments Amy learned that her cholesterol was a little bit higher than it should be. She looked at changing her diet to ensure that she was eating foods that are beneficial for someone with a higher cholesterol. “It's something that I never would have known without taking part in a health check.” Amy said.

Amy found AIA Vitality helped her on her health journey but also helped those around her to make healthier lifestyle choices. “My kids see me get up and go to the gym every day and we talk about exercising. I think it's great to get the kids on board and getting active (and off their screens). And they do, they play a lot of sport, they love their basketball too. They're pretty active and I think that me being active helps.”