Global #1 MDRT

AIA wins Global #1 Million Dollar Round Table Multinational Company
for eight consecutive years

#1 MDRT multinational company for eight consecutive years

AIA Group has been ranked the #1 Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) Multinational Company with the most MDRT members for eight consecutive years, from 2015 to 2022. It is the only multinational company in history to have achieved this remarkable record.

Since AIA's IPO in 2010 the total number of AIA Premier Advisors and agency leaders has grown by an impressive 768%.

Our top three AIA business units with the highest number of members – comprising 59% of AIA Group's total members – are Mainland China, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

MDRT is a global and independent association that is internationally recognised as the standard of excellence in life insurance and financial services industries. Its members are required to demonstrate professional knowledge, strict ethical conduct, and outstanding client service.

AIA Group MDRT Platinum Leaders

The AIA Group MDRT Platinum Leader Awards recognises Leaders who have a hundred or more MDRTs within their district.

Six elite leaders from Hong Kong & Macau and Mainland China have reached this notable achievement. Our sincere congratulations to Chan I Ieng, Maria Nunez Li, Sou Lai Cheng, Chen Lei, Sun Peng and He Xiulin!

They are the best and finest in the life insurance industry and a true testament to AIA's commitment to protecting and serving our customers in Asia. Their pursuit of excellence is an inspiration to us all.

Entering into the insurance industry in the early 1980s, Rosa became the first agent to sell an AIA Macau insurance policy. Staying positive in the face of adversity, she strives to always surpass her own achievements by being better today than she was yesterday, and being better tomorrow than she is today. A lifelong learner, Rosa pushes herself to be more adept and competent in order to achieve ever bigger goals. Focused on building the best team possible, ROSA District has a unique management culture that is based on four simple management concepts: to be fair and just, empathetic, timely, and proactive. On average, there is an MDRT for every 2.1 members in ROSA District, with the ultimate goal to make all members achieve MDRT. After all, they see it as their mission and responsibility to enable each member to ascend to management level. Identifying and cultivating talent will not only give a sense of accomplishment, it will also nurture the next generation and enable them to pick up the baton, taking the district to new heights. Embracing technology, professionalism, corporatisation, and systemisation are the four drivers propelling the team to excel and train even more outstanding talent.


  • 1998: Promoted to District Director
  • 2006: GAMA IMA-Diamond
  • 2008: Top Recruiter Club – Top District Director
  • 2010: Promoted to Senior District Director
  • 2011: Distinguished Manager Award
  • 2017–2018, 2020: District Director of the Year
  • 2008–2022: MDRT District
  • 2012–2022: Premier Agency Leader
  • 2019: Super Grand District of the Year – 1st Runner Up

On her journey to becoming Senior District Director of MARY District, Macau, Maria has had a few ups and downs. Despite joining the insurance industry in 1988 with no established track record or professional networks, with her fighting spirit, Maria persevered. Now, after 34 years, she has become an undisputed leader in the industry, managing a team of nearly 1,000 people. Her enthusiasm and drive, coupled with her hands-on attitude, have made her stand out and succeed. In light of Maria's exceptional leadership skills and achievements, she has received numerous awards over the years. While it is never easy to climb the ladder, it is even more remarkable for one to sustain their passion and commitment to a profession for so long. Aware of the fierce competition and obstacles facing the insurance industry, Maria knows that she cannot afford to be complacent. Every day she challenges herself to keep going and scale new heights.


  • 2002: Promoted to District Director
  • 2007: Top Recruiter Club – Top District Director
  • 2008: Promoted to Senior District Director
  • 2008–2022: MDRT District
  • 2012–2022: Premier Agency Leader
  • 2022: Promoted to Premier Senior District Director

Lai Cheng has been part of AIA for 19 years and has always believed that professional service is the key to success. In 2008, at the age of only 22, she established a team of 13 members. Then, in 2020, she set up the Grand District, which has since grown into a team of 250. As the youngest district director of AIA Macau, Lai Cheng firmly believes that integrity, commitment, professional service, and team development are essential to one's long-term development in the industry. Therefore, over the years, she has built a professional wealth management team worthy of customer recognition. With MDRT membership considered the most representative indicator, she believes that success can always be replicated. Leading by example, Lai Cheng has been an MDRT member for more than 10 years, and is now a Qualifying COT and Life Member. Not only that, but all of her management team are MDRT members as well, inspiring her colleagues and making positive impacts across the board. Looking ahead, Lai Cheng plans for the MDRT membership of all her team members to be the benchmark, thereby furthering their professional development in wealth management.


  • 2010: Unit Manager of the Year
  • 2012–2014, 2016–2022: Premier Agency Leader
  • 2020: Promoted to District Director
  • 2020–2021: Super Grand District of the Year – Champion
  • 2022: MDRT District

Chen Lei joined AIA in 2003 and is now the District Agency Director of AIA Beijing. Over the past 19 years, he has worked hard to develop his team and has won a wide range of accolades, including the AIA No. 1 Best District Agency Director in 2021, AIA Beijing No. 1 Top Notch Family in the same year, and the Beijing Insurance Outstanding Service Star awarded by the Beijing Insurance Industry Association. The team that he founded, the "Ying Jia Family", is currently the largest sales team in AIA China and has been named the "Most Competitive Insurance Team" by China Finance and Economics Billboards. It has also been rated as the "China Finance 10 Years Influential Team" by China Wealth Management Magazine.
As of 2021, the "Ying Jia Family" is made up of nearly 3,500 members, all of whom have college degrees or above, and has cultivated a total of 27 Directors and 409 Leaders. The quality of the team is reflected in their high productivity levels and outstanding contribution to society. In fact, a total of 423 people from the "Ying Jia Family" have become MDRT members, of which 29 have become COTs and four have become TOTs; an achievement which is now AIA’s benchmark. As Chen Lei points out, the mission for his team is to provide unrivalled protection and assurance for Beijing’s citizens, thereby giving them a true sense of security.


  • Founder of "Ying Jia Family" in AIA Beijing
  • Central University of Finance and Economics Insurance Financial Planner
  • Certified PPM Excellent Manager
  • Certified NLP Lecturer
  • First Certified and Authorised GAMA Lecturer in China
  • Certified by LIMRA-CIMA
  • First Certified National Lecturer in AIA China
  • Total sum of life insurance coverage in 2021: RMB14.1 billion
  • AIA 2021 "Beyond, Navigate" Annual Honour System – Best Regional Agency Director
  • AIA Beijing 2021 "Beyond, Navigate" Annual Honour System Team Award – No. 1 Top Notch Family

Having cultivated 14 Directors over his career, Sun Peng’s team comprises more than 2,000 members, all of whom are professionals from a wide range of fields, including insurance officers, doctors, teachers, sales staff, product managers, human resources executives, and auditors from the Big Four. Most have a bachelor’s degree or above, and some are PhD students. Currently, the team has 211 MDRT members, including two TOTs and nine COTs, and has recruited 1,039 people and cultivated 268 Leaders, more than half of whom are members of Five-Star teams. In 2021, the team donated to two local libraries and sponsored less-privileged children to allow them to go to school. Proud to have won the "Platinum MDRT Leader Award" in 2021, the team firmly believes in the motto: "Do your best for what you love".


  • 2002: Joined AIA
  • 2008: Promoted to Director
  • 2018: Promoted to District Agency Director
  • LIMRA Certified Instructor.
  • Rated the Top 10 Best Sales Team
  • Rated Top Family in AIA China for nine consecutive years
  • Won the AIA China President Cup in 2011, 2013, 2014, 2018, and 2019

He Xiulin joined the company in 1992 out of a desire to change people’s lives for the better, becoming one of the first insurance agents in China and, later, the first female Director at AIA. Now in charge of a team of nearly 2,000 people, the "Decheng Family" that she founded is built on the principle of inclusivity and participatory leadership, where everyone supports one another and is empowered to share knowledge in order to grow. One of the top three National Senior Agency Directors in AIA Insurance and the Chairman of the AIA Shanghai Hall of Fame, He Xiulin always emphasises that the success of the "Decheng Family" is forged by each member of the team, individuals who come from a diverse range of backgrounds. A transformational leader who is well-known for her charisma, she often stresses that insurance is about love and responsibility, and that the intention must always be to benefit society. Firmly believing that being in the insurance industry is a life-long commitment to create value, He Xiulin has helped countless people and continues to keep improving herself. In her 30 years in the industry, times have changed and the market has changed; however, her responsibilities and attitude towards responsibility remains the same.
A "Hundred Member Family" of AIA MDRT, the "Decheng Family" comprises 296 MDRT members and has won numerous awards, such as "Best MDRT Sales Department" in 2021, and one Platinum award, four Diamond awards, and one Gold award in 2022. Among the members of the team, 16 have been named "Four Star Insurance Agent" and 12 have been named "Five Star Insurance Agent" by the Shanghai Insurance Association.


  • 9,244 customers served and a total of over RMB10.676 billion in comprehensive insurance for customers as of 2021
  • 296 members of the "Decheng Family" registered as MDRT members
  • "Decheng Family" named “Best MDRT Sales Department" in 2021
  • "Decheng Family" won numerous MDRT Leader Awards in 2022, including one Platinum Award, four Diamond Awards, and one Gold Award, all of which accounted for 15% of the winning teams in China
  • 16 members of the "Decheng Family" were awarded "Four Star Insurance Agent" and 12 were awarded "Five Star Insurance Agent" by the Shanghai Insurance Association, which accounted for 34% of the award winners in AIA Shanghai
  • He Xiulin is the Chairman of the AIA Shanghai Hall of Fame and was named one of the top three National Senior Agency Directors in AIA Insurance in 2021

AIA Group MDRTs Diamond Leaders

AIA Group Diamond MDRT Leader award is exclusive to our Leaders who have at least 30 MDRTs in their District

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