AIA One Billion

Engaging one billion people to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives by 2030

Helping a billion people live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives

For more than a century, AIA has strived to make a significant positive impact for our customers and communities across Asia. This commitment is reinforced by our Purpose to help people to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.

AIA One Billion is our ambition to engage a billion people to live Healthier,Longer,Better Lives by 2030. We have started a movement to bring our Purpose to life and translate it into reality,creating a more sustainable future for everyone in society. We are excited to set out on this path. We invite you to come with us and Join, Live, Share the Journey.

AIA One Billion

Join, Live, Share the Journey

Be inspired and inspire others to live a Healthier, Longer, Better Lives by sharing what changes you're making.

Post on social media along with the hashtag #AIAOneBillion and we'll feature the most inspiring ideas here.

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Why have we set ourselves this ambitious goal?

1. WHO 5 5 70 Framework. Noncommunicable diseases

2. WHO Noncommunicable diseases in SEARO 

3. Climate change and health (WHO)

Progress Towards our Goal

Through AIA One Billion, we strive to improve

AIA One Billion Impact Stories

Take a look at our AIA One Billion Impact Stories from across the region and learn how they have Joined, Lived and Shared the journey towards live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives

I'm Damien Tan, Chief Executive Officer at AIA Financial Advisers, and my journey in the financial and insurance industry spans over 26 years. It’s been a profound and rewarding experience, seeing how this industry have played a pivotal role in safeguarding individuals and businesses during their most challenging times, and I’m truly honoured to be part of this meaningful endeavour of helping others to live healthier, longer, and better lives.

For me, it's not just a job; it's a journey of continuous growth and service. Leading a vibrant and youthful team and driving the new generation of financial consultants requires fresh perspective and a commitment to guiding them toward success. It’s about empowering them with the right opportunities to excel in their careers and conquer challenges. That’s why I consistently encourage them to refine their skills and push past their limitations, drawing inspiration from the profound impact we make on people’s lives.

Beyond the confines of the boardroom, I wear another hat—one that's even more important to me. I'm a father to three incredible children, and my heart finds joy in the art of cooking. Our kitchen is not just a place to prepare meals; it's where we come together as a family to create unforgettable experiences.

Weekends are our culinary adventures. We explore new recipes, from exotic international dishes to cherished family classics. Cooking is more than just nourishing our bodies; it's about nourishing our souls and building cherished family traditions. It's an opportunity to teach my children valuable life skills and express my love for them through the language of food.

In both my roles, whether as a leader steering a company toward success or as a father fostering love and togetherness, I've come to realise that balance is the secret ingredient to a fulfilling life. It’s the foundation upon which we build healthier, longer, and better lives for ourselves and our loved ones. My hope is to inspire everyone around me especially the next-gen leaders to dream bigger, push harder, and lead a more fulfilling life. Together, let’s harmonise life’s demands and create a symphony of fulfilment for all.

As an AIA Consultant, my journey is defined by empowering individuals to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Meeting people from all walks of life, I’ve seen the sparkle in their eyes when they celebrate life’s milestone and it’s a profound job to guide them on this path.

For me, my goal is to make a lasting impact. I am here because I want to continue growing and empowering people to enjoy a better life, better financial protection and achieve their financial goals.

And of course, this journey is no doubt without its challenges. The demands of work and trying to balance it with having time for myself and loved ones can become overwhelming. To combat this, I’ve created exercise groups with my team to stay active and de-stress. This includes going to the gym or joining spin classes together. We also attend meditation courses for better mental wellness and additional stress relief.

Inspired by my parents, who always encouraged me to volunteer and help those in need, I now involve my team in community initiatives. My team provides daily lunch to the elderly under Shan You, a social service agency which focuses on improving the mental and social well-being of their beneficiaries. We have also participated in a food distribution drive for needy families. This exposure broadens our perspective and strengthens our resolve to provide excellent financial advisory services.

Giving to others has been an impactful experience because I can see that our contributions have positively impacted their lives and relieved these families from some of their burdens. I want them to know that the community cares about them, and I hope this gives them the drive to continue living their lives to the fullest despite their tough circumstances.

Being a volunteer has transformed my outlook and inspired me to perform my job better. It's a reminder of the importance of savings and financial protection for all. My goal is to reach even more people, leveraging my skills and knowledge to help them live healthier, longer, and better lives.

Your first impression of AIA One Billion and its goal to help people move towards a Healthier, Longer, Better life?

When I first learned about AIA One Billion, I was very impressed. The ambitious vision to help 1 billion people live Healthier, Longer, Better lives by 2030 is truly remarkable. However, with a series of practical activities aimed at the community in Vietnam in recent times, I realized that this goal is entirely achievable. AIA One Billion not only helps the population have a more sustainable future and builds trust in AIA but also makes me love and feel proud of where I work.

What does AIA One Billion mean to you?

AIA One Billion provides me with a broad perspective on the company's development, making me more confident in my chosen work environment. The activities undertaken by AIA One Billion are supporting my work, building trust and goodwill among customers towards the AIA brand. Additionally, AIA One Billion is a motivation for me to continue striving and elevating my career goals.

What have you done to share and inspire AIA One Billion?

I always strive to be the best version of myself, both physically and mentally, with an active and positive lifestyle. For me, enhancing personal health is not enough; I want to help more people achieve a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, I regularly use social media to update physical activities, community support programs, and share meaningful posts related to AIA One Billion. Transmitting the message of Healthy Living to my small community is both a part of my work and a joy for me.

Furthermore, I frequently share information about AIA One Billion with others, participate in AIA’s Health initiatives to gain energy and experience from colleagues. Many people have shared with me that they started exercising more regularly after seeing my activities.

How has AIA One Billion inspired a healthy lifestyle for those around you?

"Healthy with Vitality" has made AIA One Billion closer to those around me. Since the initial days of AIA One Billion spreading in Vietnam, I actively participated in some activities. From then until now, friends and those around me regularly follow AIA One Billion events. Many now understand that Healthy Living includes physical, mental, and financial aspects.

How have you encouraged people to participate in Healthy Living? What role do you play in encouraging customers, friends, and family?

To encourage people to participate in Healthy Living, I organize regular sports activities for everyone to join AIA One Billion. I try to arrange weekend mornings to invite people to join running sessions at Sala District 2 and badminton twice a week. Even on days when I'm alone, I continue. So far, the team has had many participants, and even customers have responded positively. Sometimes, I act as

a bridge between the teams I join, helping to strengthen the Healthy Living spirit. People have the opportunity to exchange and try various activities such as running, trail, cycling, and badminton.

In the vibrant tapestry of my life at AIA, I wear multiple hats as Head of Product Management and Proposition, while also fulfilling the roles of a devoted daughter, wife, and a mother to four spirited boys. In the recent years, I’ve embarked on a profound journey of foster motherhood, extending our haven to children seeking solace and stability. A belief in the transformative power of family and a passion for uplifting young lives spurred my family and I into this decision.

Our journey began with a one-month-old bundle of joy. The laughter of my sons echoed in our home once more as we revelled in the joys of caring for a newborn. Yet, the challenges were abundant, from two-hourly night feeds to diaper changes and navigating childhood illnesses once again. Undeterred, we persevered, driven by the shared vision of creating a haven for these children.

A year later, we welcomed a 16-year-old boy, weaving him into our daily routines of bike rides, sports, and educational pursuits. Witnessing my sons actively engage in his growth, and seeing him take on responsibilities, including caring for his foster baby sister, painted a beautiful mosaic of shared love and support.

Guiding foster children involves not just physical care, but providing emotional and mental support. My mission is to unravel trust and foster communication, showing them the boundless possibilities that lie ahead, despite their tumultuous pasts. Parting ways is inevitably bittersweet. Yet, witnessing their integration back into their natural families, and the blossoming of self-esteem and academic prowess, fuels my joy.

While we still have one more foster child being placed with us, my heart remains open and ready to continue accepting placements from MSF. To me, being a foster mom is a privilege, and a chance to bridge the gap for those in need of safety and protection, to help them live healthier, longer, and better lives. Together, in our varied capacities, I believe we have the power to touch many lives and shape the promise of our future generation.

To raise awareness for men’s health, Nicole Schwartz and her AIA Group Employee Propositions and Wellbeing team embarked on creating a Movember Moves campaign for Group Office employees. The campaign not only served as an important awareness campaign for men’s health, but it also presented an opportunity for Group Office employees to connect with colleagues and make a difference for men’s health.

Employees from across departments got together in teams of four to row 20km and raise funds for The Movember Foundation. Collectively, the teams were set a target of raising HKD300,000 but managed to work together to raise over HKD500,000! Many of the participants were not used to high-intensity exercise and had never rowed before, but all teams successfully completed the 20km row. After the challenge, some of the employees were inspired to continue rowing and incorporated it as a form of exercise into their routines. The campaign was a catalyst motivating employees to adopt healthier habits that extended beyond the event itself.

“As a passionate advocate for employee wellbeing, my role at AIA allows me to make a meaningful impact through our employee wellness program, Wellbeing@AIA.” Nicole said. “Wellbeing@AIA offers a wide range of resources and support, addressing aspects of physical, mental, social, and financial wellbeing. It equips employees with the necessary tools and knowledge to put healthy habits in place to support their wellbeing needs.

Witnessing the positive impact of initiatives like the Movember Campaign on our community and employees fuels my motivation. It inspires me to continuously explore new ways to encourage individuals to prioritise their wellbeing. Wellbeing@AIA goes beyond one-off initiatives; it fosters a sense of community for employees to support and uplift each other to thrive in all areas of their lives.”

Amy plays a lot of basketball but started to feel a little unfit while playing. Initially, her main goal was to boost her fitness and be able to get up and down the court a bit easier. She started to investigate and explore how she could earn more AIA Vitality Points and it's made Amy think more about her health.

Amy is very cardio active. She’s usually at the gym early on a cardio day to get it out of the way. Most days she is happy to aim to get 10,000 steps.

“If it's not a cardio day for me and I'm working from home, it can be a bit of a challenge to hit my target and if I've still got some steps to get in at the end of the day, I'll grab the kids and we'll head for a walk around the neighbourhood or walk up to the shops at lunch to keep moving. The AIA Vitality program definitely motivates me to get those extra steps in and I'm rewarded with those extra points.”

Amy also takes advantage of the health checks available through AIA Vitality, dental, optical, fitness assessments, and speaking to a dietitian. She explains that it’s helped her complete assessments she found she put off and put off, like breast and cervical screens – she found the program gave her the push to get those done.

Through the assessments Amy learned that her cholesterol was a little bit higher than it should be. She looked at changing her diet to ensure that she was eating foods that are beneficial for someone with a higher cholesterol. “It's something that I never would have known without taking part in a health check.” Amy said.

Amy found AIA Vitality helped her on her health journey but also helped those around her to make healthier lifestyle choices. “My kids see me get up and go to the gym every day and we talk about exercising. I think it's great to get the kids on board and getting active (and off their screens). And they do, they play a lot of sport, they love their basketball too. They're pretty active and I think that me being active helps.”

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