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HyunChul Jang's Story

2023 dot 3-min read

Fostering Financial Wellbeing in the Community

HyunChul Jang,
AIA Korea

“Educating our community to take financial wellbeing as seriously as mental and physical wellbeing is something I feel passionately about.”

Growing up in rural Korea, HyunChul Jang was acutely aware of the struggle many families faced in managing their finances, and how this hardship was contributing to the debt problem in the region.

HyunChul saw an opportunity to use his knowledge and experience to give something back to the community, and developed a new financial training programme for young children.

“I realised that many people had never received any formal financial education, and this could be contributing to their debt and other financial worries.”

The programme was delivered at elementary schools and mainly focused on the importance of savings, credit management and insurance.

“It was incredibly satisfying to see how much the children enjoyed the learning. I hope that they will put the lessons to good use when they are old enough to manage their own money.”

HyunChul’s efforts were recognised as part of the Korean government’s National Finance Day, where he received the FSC Chairman’s Award for his remarkable contribution to advancing the finance industry.