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John Fung’s Story

2023 dot  3-min read

John Fung

Attends strength classes and Midnight Runners Club at the AIA Vitality Hub

Hong Kong

Inspired by his father who used to be an amateur bodybuilder and a local football player, John started his fitness journey at the age of 18. He grew up watching his dad work out and follow a disciplined routine, which inspired John to be active and develop a love for running. His overall goal is to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle as he pursues his athletic goal of being able to run a full marathon. “I cannot imagine my life without fitness,” John said. ”It’s more than just about the physique. Working out helps me to live a healthier and less stressful life.”

Today, John competes in Kettlebell competitions in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia, and he has ran three half marathons so far this year. He is more inspired to set more personal goals that will help him become a better and stronger version of himself, and being part of the AIA Vitality Hub community has helped with his overall wellbeing and happiness. “Joining this fitness journey gives me a sense of belonging and being part of a community with a similar goal in mind.”