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Koo Chung Chang's story

2021 dot 3-min read

Koo Chung Chang's story

In August 2020, Chung Chang’s AIA Vitality health screening result was undesirable with a high cholesterol reading and BMI of above 25. His doctor suggested putting him on statins given he has a family history of high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Reluctant to go on medication, he decided to change his lifestyle by getting active and changing his diet.

He broke away from a sedentary lifestyle to run 5km four times a week and adding more exercises along the way. It was tough at the beginning but he persevered. He also turned to healthy eating comprising vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grain and oats during the weekdays, with Friday nights and weekends being his “cheat days”.

Since Chung Chang started on his health journey, he has lost a total of 12kg after a year with BMI at 21.8 and improved cholesterol level.

He started bringing his son, who is also a foodie, along on his runs to inspire him on the importance of being in good health and how small steps can make a big difference in staying fit.

An unexpected bonus is how he has, in turn, inspired his friends and colleagues to embark on their own transformation journeys.