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Mary Cheung’s Story

2023 dot 3-min read

Mary Cheung

Attends yoga, Qi Gong and mindfulness meditation classes at the AIA Vitality Hub

Hong Kong

As a Corporate Trainer, Clinical Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, Mary has spent 40 years supporting others in their holistic wellness journey. In her own personal wellness journey, Mary started to regularly attend free classes at the AIA Vitality Hub. Her favourite classes include Qi Gong, yoga and mindfulness meditation classes. To Mary, fitness and wellbeing are a top priority.

“Without fitness and wellbeing, your mental health will suffer, and you won’t have energy and motivation to do other things in your life. What keeps me going (to the AIA Vitality Hub) are the teachers and students all sharing the same goal to live a healthier and better life. That motivates me.”

During COVID-19, there was a significant decline in levels of physical activity. For most, fitness took a back seat due to the closure of exercise facilities, financial distress and temporary lockdown. Society saw all kinds of medical and mental health issues arise, including increases in high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, sleeping problems, anxiety and depression.

“AIA encourages and motivates Hong Kong people to develop a healthy lifestyle,” Mary said. “I think it’s important for AIA to interact with the community and offer free classes through the AIA Vitality Hub. To be able to go to a place to exercise and be supported without having to pay is (one of) the nicest things a company can do for our community.”

Today, Mary’s goal is to keep a healthy weekly routine of 3-5 hours of exercise and attend at least three classes each week. Her stress levels are more manageable and she feels more inner peace, calmness and harmony. She is keen to take part in holistic mental health consultations and workshops. She wants to be able to motivate others to join her on the journey to mental wellbeing.