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Sangye Quek’s Story

2024 dot 3-min read

“Focus on your purpose, and any challenges won’t be hard to deal with.”

Sangye Quek’s Story
AIA Consultant, Singapore.

As an AIA Consultant, my journey is defined by empowering individuals to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Meeting people from all walks of life, I’ve seen the sparkle in their eyes when they celebrate life’s milestone and it’s a profound job to guide them on this path.

For me, my goal is to make a lasting impact. I am here because I want to continue growing and empowering people to enjoy a better life, better financial protection and achieve their financial goals.

And of course, this journey is no doubt without its challenges. The demands of work and trying to balance it with having time for myself and loved ones can become overwhelming. To combat this, I’ve created exercise groups with my team to stay active and de-stress. This includes going to the gym or joining spin classes together. We also attend meditation courses for better mental wellness and additional stress relief.

Inspired by my parents, who always encouraged me to volunteer and help those in need, I now involve my team in community initiatives. My team provides daily lunch to the elderly under Shan You, a social service agency which focuses on improving the mental and social well-being of their beneficiaries. We have also participated in a food distribution drive for needy families. This exposure broadens our perspective and strengthens our resolve to provide excellent financial advisory services.

Giving to others has been an impactful experience because I can see that our contributions have positively impacted their lives and relieved these families from some of their burdens. I want them to know that the community cares about them, and I hope this gives them the drive to continue living their lives to the fullest despite their tough circumstances.

Being a volunteer has transformed my outlook and inspired me to perform my job better. It's a reminder of the importance of savings and financial protection for all. My goal is to reach even more people, leveraging my skills and knowledge to help them live healthier, longer, and better lives.