AIA One Billion Story

Steve Lau's Story

2023 dot 3-min read

Bringing positive energy into the next generation of athletes

Steve Lau, AIA Scholar

Immigrating to Hong Kong at the early age of nine, Steve struggled to adapt to his new life. His inadequate skills in both English and Cantonese forced him to drop a grade right after entering school. Lost and confused, Steve spiraled into introversion and found it increasingly difficult to talk to people.

This was all until he met social workers who introduced him to football and invited him to join volunteer work, where he began meeting new friends, and slowly built confidence in himself in the process.

Playing football was eye-opening for Steve, he found the aspiration to pursue a career in football coaching. Similar to how he had football as a way out of his predicaments, Steve wishes to walk with other children through their highs and lows, inspiring them with his own story.

After receiving the AIA Scholarship, Steve finally has the means to chase his dreams. Steve wishes to apply his knowledge as an Economics major in setting up a football interest club where he would use football to bring positive energy into the next generation of athletes.