AIA One Billion Story

Tay Jin Li’s story

2024 dot 3-min read

"Take a leap of faith; witness the profound enrichment and blessings in your life as you generously give and love others unconditionally.”

Tay Jin Li
Head of Product Management and Proposition
AIA Singapore

In the vibrant tapestry of my life at AIA, I wear multiple hats as Head of Product Management and Proposition, while also fulfilling the roles of a devoted daughter, wife, and a mother to four spirited boys. In the recent years, I’ve embarked on a profound journey of foster motherhood, extending our haven to children seeking solace and stability. A belief in the transformative power of family and a passion for uplifting young lives spurred my family and I into this decision.

Our journey began with a one-month-old bundle of joy. The laughter of my sons echoed in our home once more as we revelled in the joys of caring for a newborn. Yet, the challenges were abundant, from two-hourly night feeds to diaper changes and navigating childhood illnesses once again. Undeterred, we persevered, driven by the shared vision of creating a haven for these children.

A year later, we welcomed a 16-year-old boy, weaving him into our daily routines of bike rides, sports, and educational pursuits. Witnessing my sons actively engage in his growth, and seeing him take on responsibilities, including caring for his foster baby sister, painted a beautiful mosaic of shared love and support.

Guiding foster children involves not just physical care, but providing emotional and mental support. My mission is to unravel trust and foster communication, showing them the boundless possibilities that lie ahead, despite their tumultuous pasts. Parting ways is inevitably bittersweet. Yet, witnessing their integration back into their natural families, and the blossoming of self-esteem and academic prowess, fuels my joy.

While we still have one more foster child being placed with us, my heart remains open and ready to continue accepting placements from MSF. To me, being a foster mom is a privilege, and a chance to bridge the gap for those in need of safety and protection, to help them live healthier, longer, and better lives. Together, in our varied capacities, I believe we have the power to touch many lives and shape the promise of our future generation.