AIA One Billion Story

Thanh Thuy’s Story

2024 dot 3-min read

Inspiring clients, friends and family to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives

Thanh Thuy
Agent, AIA Vietnam

What have you done to Share your AIA One Billion Journey?

I always strive to be the best version of myself, both physically and mentally, with an active and positive lifestyle. For me, enhancing personal health is not enough; I want to help more people achieve a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, I regularly use social media to update physical activities, community support programs, and share meaningful posts related to AIA One Billion. Transmitting the message of Healthy Living to my small community is both a part of my work and a joy for me.

Furthermore, I frequently share information about AIA One Billion with others, participate in AIA’s Health initiatives to gain energy and experience from colleagues. Many people have shared with me that they started exercising more regularly after seeing my activities.

How has AIA One Billion inspired a healthy lifestyle for those around you?

"Healthy with Vitality" has made AIA One Billion closer to those around me. Since the initial days of AIA One Billion spreading in Vietnam, I actively participated in some activities. From then until now, friends and those around me regularly follow AIA One Billion events. Many now understand that Healthy Living includes physical, mental, and financial aspects.

How have you encouraged people to participate in Healthy Living? What role do you play in encouraging customers, friends, and family?

To encourage people to participate in Healthy Living, I organize regular sports activities for everyone to join AIA One Billion. I try to arrange weekend mornings to invite people to join running sessions at Sala District 2 and badminton twice a week. Even on days when I'm alone, I continue. So far, the team has had many participants, and even customers have responded positively. Sometimes, I act as a bridge between the teams I join, helping to strengthen the Healthy Living spirit. People have the opportunity to exchange and try various activities such as running, trail, cycling, and badminton.