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Varotchanok Samart's story

2023 dot 3-min read

Helping others discover their new path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Varotchanok Samart,
AIA Thailand

“Helping colleagues and their families embark on a healthier lifestyle is not an obligation. Instead, it's a blessing to see other people around you joining the same path to wellness!"

It all started in 2012 when Varotchanok Samart initiated a Wellness Programme that motivates and enabled AIA Thailand employees to compete in the six-month weight-loss competition. The programme was well received with a high number of participations, however Varotchanok soon realised that most participants could not maintain their weight after the competition due to the “yoyo effect”.

Varotchanok did not give up on helping others discover their new path towards a healthier lifestyle. With her undying determination, she started her own Aerobic Club at AIA with zero previous experience. To do so, she learned aerobic art and became club president and instructor. The handful number of first participants soon grew to 50, and before the pandemic, the aerobic club members exceeded 100 people.

Going the extra mile, Varotchanok also initiated the Annual Check-up programme, which attracted 80% of employees to schedule their annual health check ups. She was also invited to several health workshops as a guest speaker to motivate and inspire the public on balancing health and wellness to their work life and live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives.