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Wei Hong’s Story

2023 dot  3-min read

Wei Hong

Joins yoga, running and HIIT classes regularly at the AIA Vitality Hub

Hong Kong

As a young child, Wei Hong was into sports and had a lot of energy. As she got older, work took over and soon enough, she saw herself glued to her desk and neglecting her health. Work continued to pile up which led to chronic stress and Wei felt miserable all the time.

“One day it hit me – life is about more than just work and deadlines. I realised that our health is the foundation of life, so I decided to turn things around and put fitness back on top of the list.” Since then, Wei has been on a journey of rediscovering herself and finding the perfect balance between work and play. Shortly after moving to Hong Kong last year, she found the AIA Vitality Hub and has been going to yoga, running and HIIT classes regularly. To her, fitness is more about just looking fit, it’s also about feeling more centred and at peace with yourself. Fitness has become a vital part of who Wei is, and AIA Vitality Hub played a key role in her fitness journey. She was also able to form new friendships through attending free classes and activities.

“When companies advocate for mental wellness, they are sending a powerful message. They are not just doing something nice – they’re creating a ripple effect of positivity that spreads far and wide. Healthier communities mean happier communities... and that, I would say, is an investment worth making.”