AIA One Billion Story

Cheung King Fung Kenneth's story

2021 dot  3-min read

Cheung King Fung Kenneth, AIA International

“It took a pandemic for me to realise the true power of my network.”

When COVID-19 first took hold in early 2020, AIA agent Kenneth felt as desperate and powerless as everyone else. Then he made a phone call that changed everything.

Kenneth contacted a client working in Turkey, who kickstarted his navigation through a complex web of procurement, logistics and taxes. On 7th February, the efforts of Kenneth and his clients resulted in 100,000 surgical masks delivered to mainland China and Hong Kong – mere hours before the closure of the Shenzhen Bay border.

“There was so much fear and uncertainty in those early days, it felt incredible to do something positive and productive,” Kenneth says. “It took a pandemic for me to realise the full power of my network.”

Kenneth’s strong relationships paid off again later that year. He joined an effort with the Lions Club of Hong Kong to sponsor and deliver more than two million masks to underprivileged people.

“It’s not just about protecting people’s health,” he says. “It’s also about telling people, ‘We are all in this together, and we care.’”