AIA One Billion Story

Lee Sun Mei's story

2021 dot 3-min read

Lee Sun Mei, AIA Berhad

“Finding out I had breast cancer really empowered me to want to do more for my community.”

Lee Sun Mei had always been committed, full of optimism, and passionate about helping others to focus on their health and wellness. It was only after a conversation with one of her customers that she turned that focus back on herself.

“My customer told me she was reluctant to get a lump in her breast checked,” says Sun Mei. “And it turned out to be final stage cancer.”

This disclosure shocked Sun Mei into getting herself checked and to her dismay she found that she too had a cancerous lump in her breast. But she wasn’t going to let it stand in her way.

“When I was ill, I could allow myself to focus on fighting the disease and give myself the time and peace of mind to recover, because I was protected,” she says.

Using all her knowledge about the disease and the importance of insurance she came back fighting and more determined than ever.

“I took it as a challenge: I wanted to defeat cancer so I could go back to living my life and help others.”