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Protecting the financial health and welfare of almost 4 million individuals, AIA Australia is the country’s second largest life insurer by annual premium and second group life insurer1. Our group life insurance premiums exceed AU$1.2 billion and as of March 2021, this comprised 25.5% of the Australian group market for in-force premiums1.

Our reputation is built on deep experience, market knowledge, professionalism, and integrity. We take pride in being a thought leader in the Australian market, ensuring that our customers are provided the best possible products, technologies and innovative solutions to meet their specific needs. We provide life and disability insurance solutions to the Australian corporate market. 

We pride ourselves on our rehabilitation and return-to-work approach and offer access to one of the largest and most experienced rehabilitation teams in the industry. Our rehabilitation model focuses on ability rather than disability and the belief that work is good medicine. In 2020, across our group insurance book, there were more than 7,000 referrals to the rehabilitation team. In addition, the team provided expert advice during another 2,000 case conferences to assist the claims team with return-to-work strategies.

1. NMG group risk distribution Monitor Q1 2022

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