Multi Company Regional Portfolio Management

Better Terms & Conditions for Emerging MNCs

Minimum Countries


Minimum Lives

Minimum Premium

US $25K

Allow different MNCs from different markets to participate in this program

for enhanced terms, consolidated reporting and central services.


An interim solution prior to setting up your own regional program.

Upfront review achieved through better risk spreading across markets.

Benefits of Multi-Company RPM Solution

Economics of scale on upfront review

Two years GTL rate commitment

Leverage on portfolio experience for medical renewal

Centralised reporting
(Annual claims and performance reports)

Convertible to AIA Pooling or Captive Solution


Streamlining Employee Benefits: Implementing Multi Company Regional Portfolio Management for Wholesaler

ABC Corporation, a small multinational company (MNC) with over 100 employees across four countries, needed consolidated insurance solutions for employee benefits to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

The Problem:
Managing employee benefits programs separately in each country led to fragmented policies, varying terms, and complex administrative processes. This resulted in inefficiencies, increased costs, and difficulty obtaining favorable terms and conditions.

The Solution:
ABC Corporation chose the Multi Company Regional Portfolio Management (RPM) program to address these challenges. The solution offered enhanced terms and conditions, alleviated administration load, consolidated reporting, better risk spreading, and future flexibility for converting to AIA Pooling or Captive Solution.

The Results:
By implementing the Multi Company RPM program, ABC Corporation consolidated employee benefits, improved efficiency, reduced costs, and established a foundation for future growth as an emerging MNC.

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