Pooling Solutions

Flexible and tailored pooling programme

Minimum countries


Minimum lives

Minimum premium

US $200,000

An AIA Pool relies on an underwriting approach that pools and rates the experiences of the local employee benefits insurance contracts of several countries.

Benefits of Pooling Solutions

Enhanced free-cover limit, terms and conditions

Programme revisited annually

Profit sharing

Centralised reporting (annual pooling report and regional quarterly claims reports)

AIA Analytica for larger groups


Targeted Wellness Programme: Pooling Solutions

Company overview

The company operates in a wide range of businesses and major sectors, including retail, real estate and financial services. With offices in more than 10 countries across APAC, the company delivers products, services and experiences to millions of consumers every day.

The problem

Due to their broad portfolio of market-leading businesses, their HR department needed support to design a workforce wellbeing programme that could be flexible enough and tailored to the employees of their various businesses.

The solution

The client signed up for AIA Regional Solutions Pooling programme and, with the support of AIA Group Corporate Solutions, was able to launch and coordinate a wellness programme across multiple geographies and lines of business. AIA Analytica was used to deliver a data-driven wellbeing programme tailored to each local business’ needs while maintaining the client's unique wellness culture.

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