Regional Portfolio Management

Optimise your resource allocation

Minimum countries


Minimum lives

Minimum premium

US $1M

A centralised review of terms and conditions, harmonised benefit formulas and underwriting requirements that can be applied across multiple markets.

Manage claims utilisation

Audit, agree and automate claims management procedures

Increase efficiencies and service levels

Benefits of Regional Portfolio Management

Economies of scale on upfront review

Two years GTL and its riders rate commitment

Access to automated renewal formulas for medical coverages

Centralised reporting (regional quarterly claims report and AIA Analytica)

Convertible to AIA Pooling or Captive Solution


Enhanced Governance: AIA Regional Portfolio Management for an IT company

Company overview

This is a leading company in digital infrastructure, with a mission of developing technologies to empower businesses to drive innovation and achieve their business goals.

Present in 13 markets in Asia Pacific, the company is dedicated to helping businesses implement technological initiatives across the region

The problem

Due to their extensive footprint across Asia Pacific, global and regional management needed support to create better structure and the necessary governance to execute their employee benefits programme across multiple geographic locations. Their main objective was enhanced transparency and increased cost savings.

The solution

We offered Regional Portfolio Management as a solution to help consolidate their employee benefits programme across the region. This programme and its series of centralised services allowed the company to maximise cost savings and benefit from better transparency and control over their spending. 

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