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Sri Lanka is proud to be recognised as The Best Life Insurance Company in Sri Lanka for the fourth time, by the internationally acclaimed Capital Finance International. The company has been serving Sri Lankans for more than 30 years and is deeply committed to contributing towards the betterment of the Sri Lankan economy and society at large. While providing protection to customers at every stage of their lives, the company offers a range of retirement, health and saving solutions for individuals. AIA Sri Lanka provides Group Life policies with a range of optional benefits like a Critical Illness Cover, Accident Cover etc., for the employees of large corporates and small to medium enterprises.

AIA Sri Lanka has a strong distribution network covering the entire island, employing over 4,000 Wealth Planners and operates over 100 branch offices. It is also the pioneer in Bancassurance in the country and works with some of the leading banks, further expanding its distribution network. AIA Sri Lanka has received many accolades over the years and is the proud employer of a talent pool consisting of around 696 highly engaged individuals. As of 31st December 2022, AIA Sri Lanka’s total asset base was valued at over LKR 65.6 billion with a total revenue of LKR 25.7 billion.

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