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AIA Vietnam is one of the leading life insurers serving customers in the country for more than 22 years. A strong performing life insurer with a market share in the top five based on total premiums from all lines of business. AIA Vietnam's New Business Premium share is 10.38% of the market in 2021 (Source: Insurance Association of Vietnam)

Distributed through various channels, AIA Vietnam offers a wide range of insurance products: life insurance, accident and health insurance and group insurance. It has a large and strong agency network of over 22,000 agents. By end of 2021, AIA Vietnam has nearly 1.1 million in-force policies and more than 1.5 million protected customers. AIA Corporate Solutions has over 8 years of experience in providing employee benefits solutions and group insurance products & services to corporate clients. We leverage our extensive insurance experience and solid financial structure to provide custom-made plans that meet your objectives. Whether it is a small to medium sized local company or a multinational organisation, we have the expertise to provide you with flexible and cost-effective benefit solutions.

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