AIA One Billion Story

Albert Chan’s Story

2023 dot 3-min read

Albert Chan

Joins a variety of classes at the AIA Vitality Hub each week

Hong Kong

At the beginning of 2023, Albert used to weigh 100kg and has been dealing with diabetes and high blood pressure. He found out about the AIA Vitality Hub and within the first three months of attending classes regularly, he lost over 5kg and continues to take part in free activities and classes offered at the Hub. ”I used to be slightly diabetic and have high blood pressure,” Albert said. “Now I don’t need to take as much medicine and my chronic health problems have improved after exercising.”

At the age of 67, Albert is happy with his accomplishments so far and continues to join five to eight classes at the AIA Vitality Hub every week, including Zumba, yoga and HIIT. Albert firmly believes that regardless of age, anyone can join the classes offered and all of them are beneficial to physical and mental wellbeing.

“It’s easy to make friends here (at the AIA Vitality Hub) and learn different exercise techniques,” Albert said. “My strength has improved within less than a year and I see my muscles building day by day.”